C25K Week 5, day 1 – against all odds!

Yesterday  (Monday 24th) I travelled to Germany with work. I was up at 4.30 am to get to the airport, and didn’t get back to my hotel until 10.30 pm. Definitely no running then! 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My knee was really hurting yesterday (I think the cramped seating position on the plane didn’t help), but this morning it feels great.

So it is now Tuesday and I set my alarm for 5 so I could go for a run before we meet for breakfast at 7.30. I figured this would be fine as it is light in the UK at that time, but nope – pitch black. I got ready in the hope that it would get light quickly, and at 5.45 I see the sun come up – yessss! 

This hotel is so nice. It is definelty the nicest place I get to come. It is a lakeside spa (a “textile free” spa, but that is another story) with views to die for. I was really looking forward to running around this place and it did not disappoint.

It took a while for me to find my rhythm this morning, and for the run to feel ‘right’. That could be due to the fact that I had a few drinks last night (oops) and I didn’t sleep well as I was in a new place. I still did it though!

I am going to have another rest day tomorrow before completing week 5 day 2 – and moving one step closer to the big 20 minutes run! 

I hope you all are well!


C25K Week 4, Day 3 – feeling overwhelmed

Today i thought i was prepared, but boy was I wrong. I have been rushed off my feet and I am feeling super stressed 😩

I was up early to go for a long walk with friends. I came home and went for a run (another PB, whoop!). Then I was off to my parents to feed their cat while they are on holiday. 

After that I went shopping for new work trousers (my old ones split earlier this month while I was away with work – nightmare!). I usually get the same pair from Next, plain black, no drama. They didn’t have my size! My fault for leaving it until the day before I travel. 
This meant I had to go into what felt like every shop trying to find something that didn’t make me feel like a beast. Three hours later I left with the first pair I tried on from M&S.

Now I’m home, doing a few hours of work before I pack myself for a week in Germany and the dog for a week at the sitters (necessary becuase my partner is also away). 

After that I need to do the usual stuff you do before travel; get the fridge empty, bins put out and house the straightened. Then its an early night for my 4.30am start.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now *sigh*. I always get like this before travel. I just need to get on, get to bed, and I will feel much better tomorrow.


C25K Week 4, Day 2 – new PB!

This morning the weather was beautiful! I couldn’t not run. I went out at about 8.30am and it was still nice and quiet on the streets.

I was well and truly in the groove this morning. My playlist is getting better (although it still needs more Beyoncé), and I feel stronger. I still have some things to work on though:

  1. Running in the sun is lovely, but the squinting is headache inducing. I can only imagine that wearing sunglasses would be annoying as they would bounce around. Any tips guys?
  2. My knees. Oh the knees!  In university I was on the rowing team and got myself dodgy knees. Turns out it was chondromalacia patellae. My solution was to ignore the physio, not do the recommended exercises, and instead stop exercising all together (not one of my best ideas). Now I fear it is coming back

My case of chondromalacia patellae is apparently ultimately due to my flat feet. Because of my flat feet, some of the muscles in my thighs get worked more than others making them stronger. This means that my kneecaps are pulled off center and become misaligned.

I am going to try and find some exercises online to combat this, and may also get some wedges to wear in my trainers – just trying to avoid an appointment with the physio 🙂

So my goal for today’s run was to beat my record for the most distance traveled. I did it! with 3.67 km – whoop!

Tomorrow (Sunday) I have an early dog walk with friends, but I might squeeze in a run after – I don’t want to loose this momentum! Also, I will not be able to run on Monday as I am travelling to Germany with work (very early start). I will be there all week and have put running clothes aside to take with me so that I can fit in a few sessions while I am there – it will be the dreaded week 5 – aargh!

If you have any ideas about running in the sun, or advice about running with chondromalacia patellae please let me know!

Happy Saturday!


C25K Week 4, Day 1 – first 5 minute run!

Run for 3 mins, walk for 1.5. Run for 5 mins, walk for 2.5. Run for 3 mins, walk for 1.5. Run for 5 mins.

I was nervous and excited about today. I received some great advice after my last post, and I felt like even if I didn’t make it today, I would take my time and try again tomorrow.

The first part is a 3 minute run, which I have done before and am feeling relatively confident about. I was scuppered! The dog needed a poo around half way through so I had to stop, wait, and pick it up. Finishing the last of the 3 minutes with the package bouncing at my side… nice!

After that it was plain sailing. 

I couldnt believe I managed the 5 minute stretch, and more than that I didn’t feel like I was going to die. I even found myself doing a little jump for joy 💃

This was almost my best distance so far. My target for next time (tomorrow maybe?) will be to break my record.

I cannot believe how much I am enjoying something that I have found impossible previously! Thank you all for your kind words and great ideas. They have been really encouraging.

Right, time for that curry… and a G&T!!

Enjoy your Friday guys!

C25K Week 3, Day 3.

Phew, no break day and straight on with day 3.

Yesterday was such a good day in work after my run. I felt more alert and calm… and also a little smug 🙂

I haven’t told anyone at work yet that I am running. As I mentioned yesterday, this is also probably a bit of superstition that it might make me loose my drive… or I could look at it a different way and think that telling people will give me more drive as it will be embarrassing to stop. I’ll have a think about that one…

Today was another lovely morning. It had been wet overnight, but there was no rain. Just beautiful

This picture was after my run when I took the dog into the field. I can’t believe I ever ran here. I am definitely sticking to the road from now on!

The next run (W4D1) is a big jump for me. And will be a big achievement if I finish it. 5 minutes!!! And not only that, but for the first time the walking parts are shorter than the running. My gosh. I will be as pleased as punch if I do that.

On a Friday we sometimes get a curry… and this week is one of those times. I might skip my rest day again tomorrow and run so I can enjoy my curry guilt free!

If anyone has any tips for me for the big 5 minute run, please share!


C25K Week 3, Day 2

Week 3 day 2 – This is a repeat of week 3 day 1, and is my first run on the streets at home.

To give you an idea of how my runs evolved. I walk the dog every morning, and it seemed silly that I was out in the fresh air and not getting fit at the same time. Week 1 and part of week 2 was done on the damp field chasing the dog around – I enjoyed it, but I had no idea how different it could be!

Over the Easter weekend, my boyfriend was working in Oxford and as I went with him, I ran on the pavements in the lovely chill of the morning, and it was so much easier! I could also breathe better as I didn’t have to keep my head down watching out for the uneven surface.

Now that I am home, I definitely don’t want to go back to running on a field. Very aware that my neighbors may see, I pulled on my new running clothes (more on that later), and went for W3D2 jog. Loved it!! The three minutes runs were noticeably easier than day 1, and I felt like I had extra energy. I even ran home after the workout was finished. I think I will skip my rest day tomorrow and get out for another run!


So, new workout clothes. I am a little superstitious about buying new workout clothes. It has often spelt the end for whatever health kick I am on. But this time I am determined. I already have half-decent trainers, but the workout leggings I have can fall down. Pulling them up mid way through a jog does not help with my breathing!

Sports direct has a sale on Karrimor running gear and I picked up a few bits. Today was my first day wearing them and what a difference it made! Not only did I have a handy bum pocket for my keys, but they have a drawstring waist – no falling down now!

I may do a full review on the bits I bought as I had trouble getting decent information on them when I was buying it.  If you are in the market for running gear and don’t want to spend a fortune, check out the Sports Direct sale. I paid ÂŁ15 for mine. Bargain!


C25K Week 3, Run 1

Week 3. Jog for 1.5 mins, walk for 1.5 mins. Jog for 3 mins, walk for 3 mins. Repeat once more. Total 18 mins, +5 mins warm up and cool down.

So you join me on the first day of week 3 – the first 3 minute run of the programme. I have found the thought of jumping from 1.5 minutes of running to 3 minutes very intimidating.

I asked my boyfriend to join me, as I would be much less likely of stopping with him there.

I had done some reading before hand and looked at some breathing techniques (head up, shoulders slightly back to open the airway). I decided to practise these techniques and pace myself. Even if I was embarrassingly slow, I just wanted to keep moving.

The first 3 mins was a breeze!! I could have kept going. I put it down to the fact that I was so focused on my breathing and maintaining a steady pace. To say I was chuffed is an understatement. My beetroot red face was beaming!

On the second 3 min run I lost my focus… and it was tough. The run seemed to take forever and I figured that I must have missed the prompt form my app that said the 3 mins was up. But unfortunately not – what a difference focus makes, eh? Lesson learnt!

As much as today was tough, there is no way that I could have done this two weeks ago, and I am so proud! At this point I still cannot imagine that I will ever run for 10 minutes, never mind 30, but I will not give up!! I am going to think of a nice treat for myself when I get to 10 mins. Maybe a new perfume…

As well as running, I have been getting healthier by cutting out processed foods where I can. These nĂĄkd nibbles are amazing! A nice snack, and more filling than a go ahead bar or pack of crisps. Give them a go and let me know if you have tried any that are good!